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Strumming students entertain audience 0

Strumming students entertain audience

Chadron State College students performed acoustic and electric guitar pieces at a guitar student showcase program Wednesday in the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center Chicoine Atrium.

Men’s team loses 2 in Colorado 0

Men’s team loses 2 in Colorado

The men’s basketball team is still searching for its first win of the season after losing to No. 19 Colorado School of Mines, Golden, and Colorado Christian University, Lakewood.

Nebraska tax revenue drops, forcing NSCS budget cut 0

Nebraska tax revenue drops, forcing NSCS budget cut

The State of Nebraska tax revenues have fallen below the projected levels due to the agricultural portion of the economy not flourishing as it has in the past several years, according to Nebraska State College System Chancellor Stan Carpenter.

RGB Jordyn Hulinsky 0

Here comes finals week, right down CSC Lane

We have probably all seen the lists on Facebook and BuzzFeed about signs and signals that indicate finals are coming. Admit it, you have probably spent time reading and sharing those lists to avoid actually doing homework.
Those lists are entertaining and good time killers, but those lists are not always 100 percent accurate for Chadron State. To solve that issue, I present:
Signs that Finals Week is Coming, CSC Edition

mollythorntonrgb 0

Christmas cheer is better paid forward

I remember a bitterly cold morning whilst working in a coffee shop; a woman reached to me with her mint $20 bill, “Will you put this money in a cup and pay for the car’s drinks behind me?”
There would be no way for the next party to credit her with the deed, but she drove off with a chipper disposition anyway.

No students attend Senate open forum to voice opinions 0

No students attend Senate open forum to voice opinions

Three senators—Carly Slaght, Teryn Blessin, and Denae Schillings—Senate Secretary Olivia Vester, and Senate President Katrina Hurley mentioned three topics at an open forum hosted Thursday in the Student Center to hear students’ opinions on issues.