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‘Wit’ delivers exceptional acting

‘Wit’ delivers exceptional acting

Imagine someone telling you that you have stage four cancer. Now, take that information, combine it with eight cycles of chemotherapy treatment, and then have someone tell you that you only have two hours to live. Two hours to think back on your life and the regrets you may have. Two hours more of pain and suffering. Two hours; that’s it.

Intensely dark ‘Wit’ spotlight’s death

Intensely dark ‘Wit’ spotlight’s death

This play won a Pulitzer Prize, this article will not. As always, I know nothing about theatre and less about reviewing.

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Jon Hansen speaks about changes to board policy

In an all campus meeting Thursday, Jon Hansen, vice president of enrollment management, marketing and student services briefed the attendees on the approved revisions to NSCS Board Policy 3020 which provides the policies and procedures involving sexual violence or sexual harassment reporting. These revisions were approved by the Board of Trustees at the board meeting Nov. 7.


FBI Intelligence Analyst visits CSC, talks with students

A brisk morning greeted students and a few faculty members as they made their way to the Student Center for the “Bioterrorism Talks” presentation Friday.


Jazz Band entertains small crowd

The soulful music of the CSC Jazz Band flowed through the Student Center at 7:30 p.m., Friday. Dr. Michael Stephens, director, and music associate professor, told the audience how happy he was to see how many people came to the event. Three semesters prior to that he mentioned there was only a presence of five people, and that night the Jazz Band played for 60 people.


Track teams to host intersquad dual

Chadron State men’s and women’s track teams are hosting a cops-and-robbers themed intersquad dual Friday.


Inside ‘honesty syndrome’

I suffer from something I like to call “honesty syndrome.”


Head to Head: Show some respect

It takes courage to get up in front of people and sing, recite poetry, or perform in any way.

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Student Senate
Nov. 19, 2014

Senate discusses recycling, ice machines, leadership trip

Finding issues with substance to bring to Senate was a heavily discussed topic during Monday’s meeting.

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Man on the Street – Nov. 5, 2014

“In lue of Brittany Maynard’s self-inflicted suicide, how do you feel about the Dignified Death Act?”

Jennie Robbins
21, senior of Mitchell

“I feel with Brittany, since she was already diagnosed with stage 4, then go ahead. She got to die with dignity and family by her side.”