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Michael Bay has some explaining to do 0

Michael Bay has some explaining to do

There are so many bad movies that I’ve watched. Even bad animated films like “Norm of the North,” where it focuses on a talking polar bear trying stop a nitwit businessman from selling homes in the arctic.

Volleyball team loses 2 at home 0

Volleyball team loses 2 at home

The Chadron State women’s volleyball team struggled last Friday and Saturday night in their home openers, losing to the Mountain Lions of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, in straight sets Friday night before losing in four sets to the Metro State University of Denver Roadrunners Saturday.

Practice time management 0

Practice time management

One of the hardest transitions for college students is the issue of time management. Many students are taking classes while working a job, and being involved in clubs, sports, intramurals, and so forth.

Hate speech is bad, but important 1

Hate speech is bad, but important

The world seems to have a lot to say lately, and thanks to social media, they can say whatever they want. I mean, it’s America, land of the free, right? Obviously, everyone has an opinion, but I have recently heard many people critique what seem the more controversial opinions, for example the opinions of those who marched in Charlottesville.

Cab discusses Homecoming events 0

Cab discusses Homecoming events

Voting for Homecoming royalty concluded Wednesday, Sept. 20th, with the announcement of Homecoming royalty coming at halftime of the football game. Coronation of the top five candidates was Wednesday and they are required to dress formally for the football game. Bedsheet voting closed Wednesday Sept. 20th and winners of the bedsheet contest will be responsible for putting their bedsheets up at the Homecoming football game, and taking them down after the game.

Student Senate approves Ag Club budget 0

Student Senate approves Ag Club budget

Student Senate unanimously approved the allocation of $6,870 for the Ag Club. This budget, for the International Society for Range Management Meeting, consisted of $2,070 for five nights of hotel stay, and $4,800 for the registration of 20 students. This fund, and all funds of Student Senate, CAB, and AFB, come from student activities fees. If all of the allocated fund isn’t spent, then that money will go back to the Senate fund. Student Senate also received their unallocated funds for this semester.