CAB deals in ‘Vegas’ for Spring Days

  • Spring Days themes were discussed at Tuesday’s CAB meeting. Suggested themes included Egypt, the circus, board games, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Phantom of the Opera, Broadway, Hollywood and Fiesta. Las Vegas was decided as the theme.
  • Ashley Chalupa, Jamie Benson, Jake Runyan and Doug Liewer were nominated for winter formal royalty. Liewer and Benson were voted king and queen. The winter formal is scheduled for Feb. 14.
  • Treasurer Christine Aye announced that there is $1692 in the CAB account and that “there will be more money for this semester.”
  • Cardinal Key requested that a motion be made for the club to receive no more than $70 to pay for drinks and refreshments for their Spring T event, which is the club’s major recruiting program. The motion passed by a show of hands from club members.
  • There will be a Salsa Club Night at 9 p.m. Jan. 29 in the Student Center. All students are invited to attend and there will be a lesson from 9 – 10 p.m. Rachel Millard daughter of vice-president of student affairs Randy Rhine, will be giving the lessons.
  • Laure Sinn, coordinator of student activities, announced that there will be 41 booths at the Health Fair Thursday. It will take place from 3 – 7 p.m., and is free to the public.
  • Doug Liewer said he was at a NSCS meeting last week concerning the state auditor. He announced that applications are available for a new student trustee for June 2010. Students interested in the position can contact Liewer via email at doliew[AT]

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