Nebraska representative Smith speaks in Sandoz

Congressman Adrian Smith of the Nebraska’s third congressional district spoke Wednesday at an event in the Sandoz Center Chicoine Atrium. The event was sponsored by the CSC Political Science Club.

Smith began by addressing energy. Smith said he is currently processing the 1,502 pages of the health care bill, but nonetheless wants to address the energy issue.

“We have an efficient freight rail system that makes coal affordable, but cap and trade is not friendly to it,” Smith said.

He said he wants to make coal into a clean energy source.

His energy interests also include nuclear energy, which he said is used in France and is economically friendly.

The issue of recent changes to the federal student loan system then came up. Smith said the student loan changes included in the health care reform bill were slightly misleading.

“It is hard to argue with the success of the current program,” Smith said. “Money has to come from somewhere. You have to look at the big picture. It only looked cheaper from tweaking of interest rates.”

Finally, Smith said he supports active citizens.

“Everyone needs to get involved and not just vote. Requesting for more information is never a bad decision,” Smith said.

Smith closed his talk by saying, “I still believe we are a resilient country . . . I am grateful for all the faculty and students that made it out here.”

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