Month: September 2010


Characters give first look at ‘The Last Night of Ballyhoo’

“The Last Night of Ballyhoo,” a play by Alfred Uhry, is a drama set in the late 1930s in Atlanta, Ga., and focuses on the lives of Jewish families trying to assimilate into American society. Chadron State College’s production of the play is set to run at 7 p.m. Oct. 7 – 9 and 2 p.m. Oct. 10 on Memorial Hall’s main stage.

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Wake up CSC students, this is the real world

We are already in the real world. What we do here at school is preparation for what we do in the future. Caring about our day-to-day appearance is just as important as the effort we make in class.

It’s obvious we attend a school that has denigrated study of the Humanities when the article in The Eagle that gets the most comments and letters is an opinion entitled “Don’t be a Scary Mary.”

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Campus Activities Board

Building manager updates CAB on Student Center improvements

CAB heard from Shellie Johns, coordinator of conferencing and Student Center building manager, about improvements to the Student Center and reviewed homecoming details at its meeting Tuesday.

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Tube Toppers

Tube Toppers – Sept. 30, 2010

Check out The Eagle staff’s picks for the best YouTube videos of the week!

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Thursday at The Pit, 80s dance party is on like Donkey KongTM

The Pit has scheduled a 1980s night club themed dance party for 9 p.m. to midnight Thursday. The party will feature a quadruple-sized game of Twister, a juicebar, and a VIP lounge.
Prizes will be awarded for 80s outfits, dance moves, party starters, and more.

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Student Senate

Senate approves Chadron Gamers Association

The Student Senate approved the Chadron Gamers Association at its meeting Monday.

Kyle Edwards, freshman of Hay Springs, acted as the Chadron Gamers Association spokesperson when the club presented to Senate.

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Letter: Trisha Unnasch on ‘Scary Mary’

I’m completely offended by all the negative comments that Jon’s “Scary Mary” column received. People are bashing his column for being judgmental, but aren’t they doing the same thing?

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Letter: Chelsea Waldorf on ‘Scary Mary’

I read the “Culture Corner” thinking I would read something tasteful and deserving to be printed. However, I was wrong. I pay to go to school here. Excuse me for wearing what I want when I want to. If you don’t like looking at my sweatpants, don’t.

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Sarah on Texas Country Music

Sarah Dowling asks “Maybe everything is bigger in Texas, but does that make it better?”

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Families, friends go wild for CSC football

CSC students’ friends and family turned out en masse Saturday for Family Day festivities.

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