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To eat or not to eat – that is the question!

Vera Ulitina

When I tell people that I have breakfast every day and that I actually enjoy it, I usually get surprised looks from them and a lot of inquiries about how a human being is able eat anything in the morning when food just wants to escape your stomach the moment it gets there.

I can understand it, because I’ve been treating breakfast like that for the most part of my life.

Even though I never skipped breakfast, I had it without any pleasure, more just because everyone in my family had breakfast in the morning. That was back when I was attending middle school and wasn’t busy enough to ever feel extremely tired or test the limits of my endurance.

Now I am a full-time student at college who actively participates in a number of college activities, works the night shift, and also manages to find some time to spend with friends.

I need a lot of extra energy, especially when my body has to live through the day on a couple hours of sleep.
Yes, some of you will say that in this case I should have an energy drink and I’ll be ready to go. But caffeine does not give your body energy. It actually steals energy from you, making you hyper for another couple of hours, but draining all your power.

Caffeine is good in an extreme situation, but in case you constantly experience periodical lack of sleep it might be not that good of a solution. You will be completely exhausted in a couple of weeks.

Nothing will ever substitute the lack of sleep, but breakfast is the only thing that can actually help me make it through the day staying relatively active during class.

If you sleep few hours and drink caffeine instead of eating breakfast, you will deprive your body of vital energy.


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