CAB approves cancer remembrance wall

CAB heard about a cancer-awareness program sponsored by the Social Work club and discussed upcoming events at its meeting Tuesday.

As part of a community-wide cancer awareness project organized by the Social Work club, the remembrance wall is planned for a section of wall in the Student Center outside of the cafeteria.

Representing the Social Work club, Kaitlyn Anderson, junior of Rapid City, S.D., received permission from CAB to use the wall.

Students are encouraged to post pictures, notes, names, and other memorabilia to commemorate those who have had cancer.

Though individuals do not need permission to post items, the wall will be monitored closely for abuse.

Along with the remembrance wall, the cancer-awareness will include other events, culminating in a presentation Oct. 27 that will include speakers and a panel.

Anderson said that the wall, and the program in general, is a “good way to connect individuals” affected by cancer.

CAB Treasurer Luke Wright reminded representatives that submissions for the free movie night alternative contest are due Oct. 5.

The Pit has scheduled an 1980s-themed dance for 9 p.m. Sept. 30. Students can submit playlists for the event CAB representative for The Pit, Jamie Keller, senior of Scottsbluff, any time this week.

Katrina Mundt, student events, said that a study abroad info session is planned for 3:30 p.m. Sept. 29 in the Student Center’s Bordeaux Room.

Adam Neumann, publicity coordinator, asked for suggestions to relocate the plasma screen in the Student Center used for announcements. The screen is currently located near the ceiling in the Student Center foyer.


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