The Pit’s 80s Night draws a crowd of 375 students

Ron Hudson, 19, sophomore of Detroit, takes a swig from his water bottle as multitudes of people dance around him at the Late Night at The Pit 80s Night Thursday. — Photo by Vera Ulitina

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The 80s Dance party was one of the late night at The Pit installments. The event, which occurred Thursday, drew a record crowd of 375 people, including staff.

The event was co-sponsored by seven organizations, including NOCS, RLA, the National Guard division, and the Cheer Squad.

The event featured 80s music deejayed by Pit worker Fred Culp. In addition to Culp, eight pit workers directed traffic flow for the large number of attending people.

Jamie Keller, senior of Scottsbluff, and Pit coordinator, commented that one of the primary purposes of Pit events was to “provide another way for college/community to have fun away from drugs and alcohol.”

Keller also said that the event cost The Pit around $1,000 to host, which averages roughly $3 per person.

Among the activities included were dancing, twister, a juice and snack bar, and trivia contests.

Keller said The Pit is planning a foam dance party for either December or the spring semester.

Adrian Jochum, 18, freshman of Sutherland, Josh Keating, 18, freshman of Romeoville, Ill., Eddie Gomez, 19, sophomore of Alliance, and Shea Zeller, 19, sophomore of Hot Springs, S.D., play twister during the Late Night at the Pit 80s Night Thursday.
Chantel Sullivan, 19, sophomore of Mullen, won the best costume category at the event. — Photo by T.J. Thomson
A group of students dance under the strobes at the Pit's 80s Dance Thursday. — Photo by T.J. Thomson
Julian Lykins, sophomore of Chadron, shows his "80s flair" by wearing a neon-green wig at the Pit's 80s Dance Thursday.— Photo by T.J. Thomson

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