Don’t pigeon-hole yourself with political affiliation

Why is it that, in today’s media, issues are so quickly boiled down to a matter of an individual’s political affiliation? I hesitate to stamp a party’s brand on my forehead because I can say for myself that there is no one party in existence today that coincides and aligns with every exact value I have as an individual.

If I were a member of any political party, I would be a fool to tell you. I would soil my opinions with predispositions made by you before you ever got past the first sentence. I would also tarnish my topics, which are hopefully above the political squabble that we see too often in the media today.

So why would I injure myself by association with a party? As Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Who is to say that I won’t completely change all my political views in a day’s time? Why anchor myself to a party, if I realize that at any day my viewpoints can grow, mature, and change?

When you tag yourself as liberal or conservative, you unnecessarily bind yourself to the values and representatives of that political party.

You wall off the other side and refuse to even acknowledge their opinions. To paraphrase Nietzsche, “The only thing that is more harmful to the truth than a lie is a conviction.”

What if you were to change your mind? What if you were to grow as a person, and realize a fallacy in one of your beliefs? If you were an honorable person, you would make your opinion known. However, you would be shunned by the class you affiliate yourself with for “flip-flopping.”

Why put such an avoidable pressure to conform on yourself? Why give someone else a reason to accuse you of inconsistency?

There is one industry that understands this drama in politics and utilizes it for their own profit: the media. People follow the media as religiously as they follow a soap opera.

The media is an arena where facts are hardly discernible behind thick veils of political affiliations, and where humor is an appropriate logical defense of a serious subject. I see an awful example of what it is to be informed any time I watch a news channel.

Politics and the media are so interwoven because politics are a sure fire way to raise an individual’s blood-pressure and attention. Of course the media loves this, because the more people that watch and read their material, the more their ratings go up, and the more they get paid.

But when did facts and the truth not become a good enough reason to watch the news?

Today to be charismatic is to be right; reason is cast aside. Logic is replaced with snobbish humor.

In today’s media you are only right if your speech is perfect and your teeth are whitened. If your high-brow, clever witticisms are not up to par, then you may as well quit now and save yourself the trouble.

So I ask you: behind all this, where are the facts? They are so processed and buried that it almost seems too much work to find them. I urge you to be your own person, have your own ideas and if they change, then so be it. That may be a sign you are growing as a person.

Don’t let the media sway you; find the facts on a subject and form your own opinions. Don’t let people who only want your ratings form them for you.

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