Mavs trample Eagles in 3 of 4

The Mesa State College Mavericks did not cut the Eagle softball team a break during Chadron State’s mid-term break.


The Mavericks outscored the Eagles in three of a four game series with 42 runs compared to CSC’s 17.

Saturday, the team lost 13-3 and again 13-6.

Sunday, the Eagles came through after a 10-1 loss with a 7-6 win over the Mavericks to put the season record at 6-11.

The Mavericks scored 3 runs the first inning Saturday, and the Eagles retaliated with 3 more, 2 off of homeruns.

These were the only 3 runs the Eagles scored the first game.

The Mavericks scored 10 runs throughout the rest of the first game to win 13-3.

Saturday’s second game started in a 2-run tie the first inning.

The Mavericks scored 2 more runs in the second inning to take the lead 4-2. The Eagles left one runner on base and did not score any runs.

Neither team scored in the third inning.

The fourth inning, the Mavericks scored 2 runs off of a homerun. The Eagles changed pitchers and got the last two outs of the inning.

Chadron scored 2 runs right away in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Amy Schartz, sophomore of Brady, led-off the fourth inning with a homerun over the left field wall.

Teammate Katie Londo, freshman of Colorado Springs, Colo., followed with a homerun over left-center.

The Eagles held  the Mavericks in the fifth inning.

Jamie Mazankowski, senior of Kearney, hit a 2-run homerun to tie the score 6-6.

The Mavericks scored 7 runs on six hits the sixth inning, leaving the Eagles in the dirt 13-6 for the final score.

Sunday, the Mavericks scored 6 runs by the fourth inning, holding a 6-0 lead the first game.

The Eagles finally scored a run in the fifth inning off of a single. The team left two runners on base at the end of the inning.

Mesa State scored a seventh run in the sixth inning and scored 3 more in the seventh inning to take the win 10-1.

Both teams left nine runners on base throughout the game.

The last game, the Eagles scored first.

The top of the first inning was over in three batters.

Eagle Angela Jay, junior of Victoria, B.C., hit a single-run homerun with one out. Schartz hit a 3-run homerun to give the Eagles the 4-0 lead with one out in the first inning. The next two batters grounded out.

The Mavericks scored the second inning when the first batter homered to left field, making the score 4-1.

The Eagles scored again in the third inning.

Jay homered again to left and Katie Bolin, senior of Kearney, scored after advancing two bases off of wild pitches and a single by Christina Lewis, senior of Delta, B.C.

The Eagles scored another run in the fourth inning when Danielle L’Argent, sophomore of Clovis, Calif., homered on the left field foul pole.

Neither team scored in the fifth inning.

The Mavericks scored 3 runs in the sixth inning off of a single-run homerun and a single to the right that scored two baserunners.

The Eagles still had the lead 7-4 going into the seventh inning. In the top of the seventh, the Mavericks scored on a 2-run homerun. The Eagles changed pitchers.

With one out, Stephanie Townsend, junior of Roosevelt, Utah, caused the last two batters to fly out. The Eagles won 7-6.


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