Late Night at the Pit debuts ‘Gotcha!’ battle

Nerf guns lay stacked in rows in a display case in the Student Center Lobby, in preparation for the "Gotcha!"€ war that began Thursday.

Nerf guns lay stacked in rows in a display case in the Student Center Lobby, in preparation for the "Gotcha!"€ war that began Thursday.

For months, students, including myself, have been getting pumped for the campus-wide event, “Gotcha!” However, at Thursday’s opening event, where the rules of the game were explained, the excitement turned briefly into disappointment.

“Gotcha!” is a Nerf gun war event. Participants will be given another person to “assassinate.”

“Gotcha!” was planned by Nathan Pindell, who thought it would be a good chance to showcase clubs. His hope is that “Gotcha!” will get students more involved in clubs, because there are a lot of things on campus people don’t know about.

Sarah Polak, the director of the Sandoz Center, came and introduced herself as “Sarah, Empress of Sandozia.”

Polak said that the Sandoz Center, which is currently decorated to look like an island nation, would be a safe haven for students participating in the event. “Sandozia” also has its own currency, which students participating can use to bid on prizes at the end of the event.

Other students were just as excited as Pindell and Polak. One student, Joey Mitteis, 20, sophomore of Ashton, said, “It’s a unique event that other colleges don’t get to do.” He said he thinks “it will lighten the mood of classes.”

Unfortunately, the event was tied in with Late Night at the Pit so some of the participants played Root Beer Pong while other participants sat around bored. “I think it’s ridiculous that this is so un-organized,” said an annoyed source who wished to remain anonymous.

The sign-up sheet stated that those who signed up should stay for at least 45 minutes. The event started at 9 p.m., but Pindell did not start explaining the rules for the event until 9:45, after a student complained that she had been there far too long.

Everyone crowded around Pindell, ready to get started. He explained that the first and most important thing was that everyone have his cell phone number. He then went on to explain that everyone had to sign a waiver “in case of injury or death. Shit happens,” he said.

He also said that there were places that were off-limits, including the cafeteria and grill, M-Hall, the NPAC, the Eagle Bookstore, and computer labs. “Go on Facebook for 30 minutes because you can’t get on for just five,” Pindell said.

“Gotcha!” will include other events, such as a capture the flag event. Other events will be posted on the Facebook page.

To provide a first-hand account, I will be participating in the “Gotcha!” event. To keep up with the happenings of “Gotcha!” check back every week.


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