Linedrives and Lipstick

The Mari Sandoz Center is hosting the exhibit “Linedrives and Lipstick,” a nationally-travelling collection focused on women’s role in baseball.   The exhibit is scheduled to run through May 25.

The exhibit features a mix of imagery detailing the origins and evolution of women’s baseball, as well as artifacts and collectibles that represent important aspects of the sport and its relationship to women.

Sandoz Center Director Sarah Polak paralleled the formative history of women’s baseball in the nineteenth century with the college’s own centennial and said that traditions, no matter in what area, are an integral part of any institution.

Polak said that, since the exhibit was a travelling exhibition, it took only 4 days to set up and assemble the collection; however, Polak said that similar exhibits created exclusively for the Sandoz center can take significantly longer – with a high-end range of three weeks.

Polak said that the most important theme of the exhibit was “the courage of the women” who played baseball during such tumultuous times and fought for social equality.

“We really work to support what’s going on elsewhere in the campus,” said Polak about the reception occurring Wednesday afternoon at the CSC Softball Field to commemorate the exhibit’s opening.

Attendees of the exhibit have the opportunity to win a custom designed T-shirt that was styled after the modern-day baseball uniform design, said Polak.

Polak said the Sandoz center has the freedom to creatively exhibit collections that are relevant to the college and the region, because of their status as a non-traditional academic unit.

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