Students take senate oath, discuss vacant senate seats

The senate swore in new members and available executive board positions were discussed at its meeting this Monday.

Riley Machal, chief justice, swore in the new senate members who were present.  Nathan Pindell and Sammie Shaykett were sworn onto the senate’s constitutional court. Jocelyn Utecht was sworn in as a member of the School of B.E.A.M.S.S. and Sarah Kingsbury was sworn in for another term for the School of E.H.P.C.P.S.W.  Liz Rice and Nisha Durand were absent from this week’s meeting so they were not sworn in.

Machal also noted that there have been no applicants for the positions of treasurer or corresponding secretary. She says she would like to encourage anyone who is applicable for the positions to apply for them. Applications were due by April 1 but the deadline is being extended until April 15 to fill the empty positions. The executive board is scheduled to be sworn in on April 18.

Trevor Dietrich, student trustee, wanted students to be aware that federal funding for scholarships is decreasing. This will directly affect the amount that will be allotted to students in Pell Grants. Dietrich encouraged students to look for scholarships or other ways of making up for the loss.

Christina Kambarami, president of CAB, said that the floor for executive board nominations will open this Tuesday.

Laure Sinn, coordinator of student activities, said that Scholastic Day was a huge success. There were 1,546 students who attended and every activity ran smoothly.  She is very thankful to everyone who helped with the event.

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