A new year begins, so make the most of your time

The Eagle staff is pleased to see students and faculty back on campus and ready to start the Fall semester.

With Freshmen now settling in and getting used to their classes, we hope that they’ll find themselves right at home and get into the groove of college life.

Another welcome to our international students. We have students from countries that are as big as Alaska and as small as Florida.

Now is the perfect time to make new friends and come out with your unique personality. You will be surprised just how many people on campus are like you.

Along with making friends, of course, comes the opportunity to join clubs and organizations that share your values and hobbies, ranging from faith groups to athletic teams to social clubs. Whether you are shy or outgoing, it will not be long before you find something to keep you busy.

The Eagle, too, plays its role in the college community and we will do our utmost to keep you informed with news, commentary, lifestyle information, sports updates, and social event reminders. We welcome anyone who is willing to become a part of our small team. You’ll fit right in!

We also want to welcome our new professors and tutors. Some have come from close locations as close as Wyoming to far away destinations like California. We hope that you are enjoying your career in Chadron State College and wish you all the best of success and progress.

Also one cannot forget the immense gratitude owed to the hard-working men and women who keep this college up and running.

From the yard workers toiling in the hot sun, to the janitors and cleaners in the halls and dorms, to the cooks and chefs who prepare diverse meals, and to our tech teams who keep our internet and technology running smoothly — everyone does their part.

So let us not forget those around us, be they colleagues or strangers. For each one plays a role in the harmony of our college community.

Have a great year everyone, and may you all enjoy your opportunities with this humbling privilege.

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