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Have you ever watched the evening news or seen the latest sports game on one of the several TVs in the cafeteria? Have you heard about the renovations scheduled to occur in King Library? What about the controversial move to abolish trays from the cafeteria a few years back?

Love it or hate it, all of the actions above were a result of student government on campus. Maybe you were in the pragmatist camp that enjoyed the convenience that trays afforded, or perhaps you appreciated the volume of water that dining services saved by their disuse. Whatever your position, the power of change is in your hands.

Are you fired up about a college policy, a new regulation, or the latest student fee increase handed down from the board of trustees? You have several options – the first of which is to get involved yourself. Represent your fellow students on one of the governing organizations on campus, hang signs, or hand out petitions.

Prefer to influence change from behind the scenes? Carefully consider who is representing you and hold them accountable. Student Senate publishes weekly minutes of each meeting, including a report on senators who were absent. Is there a senator or representative that is consistently absent from meetings? Does a senator from a particular school vote against a measure that would benefit his constituents?

Find out, ask questions, and never stop trying. Know who represents you, and let them know what you think about important issues.

Student government meetings are open to the public, and individuals are invited to come participate and add their thoughts to the “voice of the student body.” Check out the various ways you can be involved by examining the table to the right or send an e-mail to

MESSAGE FROM THE STudent Body President

Student Government is looking for involvement from all majors and all interests on campus.

We’re not just a stuffy meeting where we talk about important things and sign papers. Senate has a lot of great student projects started right now, which includes: Library Renovations, a Student Section, a Leadership conference with a great speaker Governor Heinemann, and of course the Centennial Homecoming celebration.

Senate is for anyone who wants to not only make a difference and have a great resume builder, but it’s for anyone who wants to help make campus a fun place with activities and projects for all interests. If you’re unsure about what senate is or what we do, come check it out. We’re a friendly, professional environment where things get done for the students, by the students.

Morgan Nelson, Student Senate president

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