EMT course proposed to obtain student senate support

Nevin Price, sophomore of Alliance, NE, came in to introduce the idea of starting an EMT course on campus. Price had put together a petition that so far had 107 signatures on it. He and several others hope to make it a course for credit.

“I think the college could benefit from it, and the community could benefit from it,” Price said.

Nisha Durand, Chief Justice also said that the class would not just be good for HPER students, but for the entire campus.

Price requested a letter from Student Senate to show that senate is supportive.

“It’s gonna be hard to say no to it when there’s so much support behind it.”

Senate moved to provide a letter of support for Price.

President Morgan Nelson spoke about Homecoming bed sheets and announced that the Time Capsule committee had been selected. The 10-member committee will consist of eight students, one professor, and one staff member. The first meeting will be 5:00 p.m., Wednesday.

Vice President James Bahensky said that NE Governor Dave Heineman is coming to speak on campus October 21. Students from Wayne and Peru have been invited to the campus to hear Heineman speak. The students will also be given tours of the campus and a chance to eat in our cafeteria. Bahensky said, “It’ll be a really great interaction between the colleges.”

Secretary Chrissy Black said that free t-shirts with the CSC logo on the front and “Tradition Never Graduates” printed on the back were handed out at the first home game, Saturday. Student Senate will continue passing out the shirts free of cost at home games until Homecoming. After that, the shirts will be $5 for students to purchase, and $10 for anyone else. Black also asked for an allocation to purchase a thank-you gift for Outlaw Printers for the shirts. Senate allocated $80 to buy a gift card to Angela’s as a gift for Outlaw Printer.

Treasurer T.J. Thomson said that applications for Senate Finance Committee are due Sept. 30. Thomson said that CAB had asked for an additional $5,000 for their budget, in addition to the standard $5,000 they are already allocated. In response to a member’s query about why they needed the extra money, Luke Wright, CAB president said that although CAB usually has $5000 dollars for Homecoming, there are more things that have been requested for this year’s Centennial Homecoming to be big, including fireworks and live eagles. Senate agreed to allocate the additional $5000.

Four students were sworn into Senate, Cassidy Emerson, senior of Crawford, and Jacy French sophomore of Ogallala, as senators of B.E.A.M.S.S.; Micaela VanSkiver senior of Nelson, as a senator of E.H.P.C.P.S.W.; and Marlee Waugh, sophomore of Paxton, as a senator of Liberal Arts.

Elections for senate will be Sept. 28. Anyone interested has to collect 10 student signatures and fill out a form due Sept. 22.

CAB President Luke Wright said that bed sheets are available for clubs in the Student Senate office that were donated by Fort Robinson. He also said the Women’s Rugby went to Kearney last weekend and won against Doane, but lost to Kearney. He also announced the Student Senate Poster Sale from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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