RLA event contradicts its own fitness theme

With the cold weather settling on the campus grounds and winter right around the corner, it’s no surprise that events hosted for students would take place indoors.

Throughout the past weeks, there have been many different fun events, such as the Galaxy Series programs, Peanut Butter Lovers’ month, and the All Hallows Ball, among others. Now, I’m usually up for all of these events; they’re fun, get students active, and keep them from staying cooped up in their rooms.

However, this Friday, Nov. 18, RLA is sponsoring a “Couch Potato” night.

I first found out about this event because of the 3D posters sitting on the front desks in some of the halls. The posters are well put together, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t think I would see an event like this on campus. Empty soda cans and Frito bags are plastered to the front of the poster display and advertise laziness.

According to Housing and Residence Life Assistant Director, Shelby Huish, RLA is trying to promote a healthy lifestyle this year. This event does nothing to help students stay healthy especially if all they will be doing is sitting around, munching on junk food, and watching a movie.

As far as I knew, CSC was also trying to get people to be healthy by promoting healthy eating in both the Grille and cafeteria, and having so many fitness machines available in the NPAC.

Even students in presentational speaking classes are doing persuasive speeches on why people should eat healthy, or what will happen if a person doesn’t try to have a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not bashing RLA for hosting this event; it’s up to the students if they go to the NPAC or not, and it’s up to the students to determine how much they consume when they go to the cafeteria or the Grille.

However, I think the event goes against RLA’s promotion of having and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Students can be lazy and sit around doing nothing on their own time; they don’t need an event to help them with that. After all, the rest of America already seems to enjoy similar events all year long.

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