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Vice president of E.M.S.S addresses pool issue

A draft of the 2012-22 campus master plan that Randy Rhine brought to Monday night's Student Senate meeting illustrates capital construction changes over the next 10 years- Photo by T.J. Thomson.

A draft of the 2012-22 campus master plan that Randy Rhine brought to Monday night's Student Senate meeting illustrates capital construction changes over the next 10 years- Photo by T.J. Thomson..

Randy Rhine, vice president of E.M.S.S., spoke at this week’s Student Senate meeting to introduce ideas to build a new pool.

The pool in Armstrong was built in 1961, and today, the infrastructure is lacking. Further, the water is difficult to keep clean, Rhine said.

“We struggle with the pool,” Rhine said.

Rhine presented a proposal to build a new pool attached to the PAC, an ideal location due to power and utilities considerations. Rhine also said he believed more people would use a pool attached to the PAC since there would be workout equipment and a pool area in the same facility.

“It makes sense to combine efforts,” Rhine said.

Rhine said that by moving the pool to the NPAC, renovations on Armstrong could begin sooner.

The proposed cost for the new pool would be $2.5 million dollars. Rhine asked the students what their opinions would be about increasing the student activity fee by $2 per credit hour in order to provide a long-term bond to finance the pool.

Rhine also discussed other features present in the campus master plan, which guides capital construction during the next 10 years. These features include a new football stadium, and the demolition of West Court and Brooks.

Rhine asked if it were possible to have senate’s recommendation about funding the pool before spring break.

Student Senate President Morgan Nelson spoke about library renovations. The library is a work in progress, Nelson said, saying that plans are going slower than originally planned. Joseph Reedy, senator of B.E.A.M.S.S., will begin acting as a liaison for the student senate in library plans to make sure that the renovations are publicized, Nelson said.

Nisha Durand, chief justice, said that Cassidy Emerson resigned as senator of B.E.A.M.S.S.

T.J. Thomson, treasurer, said that budget packets in preparation for spring budget hearings would be distributed to clubs this week.

Thomson said there is $11,721 in un-allocated funds.


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