There are ways to save time and money at college

With the new semester starting, sometimes one isn’t sure just what classes are to be taken, while others who already know a specific subject really well don’t understand why they must take a class for it again.

Fortunately, the college offers a program that allows students to test out of taking a class and receive college credit for it. This program is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), which is a standardized testing program that allows students who have the knowledge of the subject due to experience and knowledge outside of the classroom.

Since it is an American program, the credits are only good in U.S. colleges but students be they civilian, military, or foreign, is eligible. As such, Chadron State College accepts credits from this program. Though the limit of credits is eighteen for a degree, the credits are valid towards a degree.

The CSC website reminds students, though, “In order to receive credit from Chadron State College, CLEP exams must be taken before the student has taken any college level courses in the area in which credit is being sought.” In short, if a student has already taken a course in history, that makes him or her ineligible to CLEP out of any other history courses.

Another program available to students is the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests(DSST), and according to its official website CSC accepts their credits. Originating in the Department of Defense for military personnel to obtain college credit, this offer is also available to civilian students as well (for a fee) and includes high-level courses to test out of. As an approved program by the reputable American Council on Education, the DSST is also a great idea to explore, if not at CSC then at future colleges students may choose to go to.

Don’t think that CLEP or DSST offer enough subjects to complete a specific major, however, as CLEP has only seven subject areas, and DSST has only 38 tests for various subjects.

College still requires hard work and patience, but when one needs a course that isn’t available yet, or already know enough about a specific required class, then these programs can definitely help out.


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