CAB allocates $5,300 toward ‘Release,’ movie night, bowling

CAB members allocated money for three upcoming events during their meeting Tuesday.

The CAB account contained $15,470 prior to the allocations, according to Treasurer Samantha Evans

CAB allocated $2,000 to Marty Lastovica and the Allies club to fund Release, an annual show that draws poets and artists from around the country.

Lastovica said the money will pay for the artists’ travel expenses and hotels, and T-shirts for the show.

‘Release’ is slated for March 24.

CAB allocated $1,500 for a free bowling event, which will be 9 p.m. to midnight, Saturday at SayaLanes on 10th Street.

CAB also allocated $1,800 for a free movie night, which will be Feb. 19.

Luke Wright, president, said the money was allocated early because there will not be another CAB meeting before the event.

Only two of the movie theatre’s screens will be showing movies because the other screens are under renovation, Wright said.

Club reps asked whether less money should be allocated, since fewer movies will be showing.

Wright said the event will be open to 300 students, as usual, because the two theaters should have enough room for that many students.

Evans reiterated that Feb. 23 is the deadline for clubs to sign up for budget hearings.

Adam Neumann, publicity coordinator, said he has a shorter attention span than a squirrel.


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