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New head football coach’s salary announced

Jay Long


Chadron State College is paying $29,526 for the remainder of the current academic year to recently-hired Head Football Coach Jay Long, who took over the reigns to CSC’s football program Feb. 6.

Long’s salary for the 2012-13 academic year is undetermined, according to college officials.

“2012-13 salaries haven’t been determined yet,” Kara Vogt, Human Resources director, said Friday afternoon via telephone.

Vogt added that salaries for the upcoming academic year would be presented the Nebraska State College System’s board of trustees at their June meeting, and that salary information would be available via the board’s personnel actions report.


  • Roger

    you telling me he took the job without knowing what his pay would be?

  • beast

    He knows, the CSC admin in the wake of all the bad press and the hiring of a public relations firm by the NSCS figures this not a good time to announce what his salary will be.If nothing else the years 2011-2012 will be known as the year the now defunct coach caused the unemployment rate to drop by several points. Let’s see, new compliance officer,new athletic fund manager,that other monetary oversight job with the NSCS and now a public relatins hiring. Not to mention the cost of the bogus BKD audit and the accompanying atty’s fees. Wonder why so much was spent by an admin. who blames everything on the ex coach?

  • Rosanne Keepers-Penor

    The only reason they are not announcing is as stated above, the PR firm said don’t do it. Why would we expect anything else from this administration. Something stinks @ CSC and it isn’t Coach O’Boyle.

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