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Who is the most attractive professor on Campus?


One Response to Who is the most attractive professor on Campus?

  1. Anonymous

    This is arguably the worst question you guys could have asked. For being the “Voice of Chadron State College”, this is not very professional. There are a lot of things going on to ask questions about. The point of a newspaper is to inform the people of current events. How many students know the political stance of Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney? That would have been a good question to ask. These questions always pertain to campus, which makes sense, but I have to admit, it would be EXTREMELY nice to see something oriented to life outside of these campus walls. Lets see how much to student population knows about current issues and how they effect their personal lives. This question automatically (in my opinion) discredits any legitimacy of this paper. There is an understanding of teacher and professor relations, and this question crosses that boundary. I would LOVE to see the paper actually ask something of substance, I’m sick of the “What will you be doing for break?”, “What would you like to see changed?”, how about “What are your current thoughts on the recent contraceptive mandate?”. I understand this is “the voice of Chadron State College”, and most the time you guys do a great job of that, especially with the current O’Boyle case, but its questions like this that make me lose hope.

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