NCAA investigators return to Chadron State, investigation to continue

In a college-issued press release, Chadron State College President Janie Park stated today that NCAA-personnel would return to campus beginning the week of Feb. 27 to continue CSC’s ongoing NCAA investigation.

In a letter to “alumni and other CSC community members,” also issued today, Park said the college received the NCAA’s notice of inquiry in oral format Feb. 3, and that 2008-11 would be the time period under investigation.

The college administration stated they didn’t know how long the investigation would take.

“Unfortunately, we do not know when the NCAA will conclude its investigation,” Park stated Friday.

Park’s letter can be viewed here.


  • Roger Nelson

    Thought we were not going to discuss personnel issues. Maybe just when it benefits us.

  • Rosanne Keepers-Penor

    Please, the intended effect of this letter is to suggest that Coach O’Boyle put money into HIS personal account. As always with this administration, they are counting on people believing the worst without checking the facts. We all read the BKD report. After months of silence, it’s curious that Park feels the need to come clean. Were it not for the PR firm saying write a letter, the silence from CSC administration would still be deafening.

  • DKBB

    I would think the NCAA would be looking in to more than just “outside accounts,” as there are bound to be a myriad of issues with a program that has been Div. II since the ’90s but hasn’t much bothered with NCAA compliance issues before. It’ll be interesting to see what they find.

  • beast

    The CSC or NSCS atty. has been on campus all week at who knows what per hour.wonder what the total is NOW for all expenditures related to this case. And Stan Carpenter has the guts to deride the state auditor for HIS expenses? This just keeps getting weirder!

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