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Letter: Kelly Clarke on O’Boyle

Dear Editor:

I didn’t know this school endorsed hypocrisy.

Vice President for Academic & Student affairs Dr. Lois Veath has been allowed to take another position before her contract at Chadron is complete. Meanwhile, the school terminated Coach O’Boyle, only to discover he secured another position. So they brought him back and reprimanded him. That is not fair.

Too much on this campus goes unaddressed. Some people on this campus barely make a living, and here’s a woman pulling two double-digit incomes. She splits her current responsibilities while the school forces O’Boyle to complete a contract ‘til July 1st, sitting in the basement of Sparks.

Let the man go.

Be the better establishment, and say proudly that you treated this man right, even though he might have done you wrong. He should be held accountable for his actions, but show some consistency. Chadron is playing the detention center, while its purveyor won’t follow her own policy.

I’m very happy for Dr. Veath, that her career is going strong. I just feel like we shouldn’t keep O’Boyle around like a ghost. The last thing this school needs is for its mistakes to take up haunting.

Kelly Clarke,
 sophomore of  Sterling, Colo.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Eagle confirmed Friday morning from CSC’s Human Resources Department that while Veath has accepted a position at the NSCS office as associate vice-chancellor for academic planning and partnerships in addition to finishing out her contract as vice president for academic and student affairs, she is drawing only a single salary at $117,924. Further, at this time, Veath’s salary has not increased to reflect her increased responsibilities, according to HR.


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