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Letter: Bill O’Boyle says thanks

Dear Editor:


I would like to thank everyone for all of their support and kindness these past few months and the entire time our family has called Chadron our home. When I came to Chadron in 1987 as a graduate assistant, I had no intention of staying in this area any longer than what time it would take to finish my master’s degree.

What a complete change of heart I had in such a short time. I met my wife here, raised my daughter here, and had the privilege to meet and become friends with some of the best people a person could ever ask for, people from across Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

To thank each individual person for the support we have received would be impossible. The acts of kindness from a simple gesture, cards, letters, meals, to signs in businesses and yards, touched each member of my family to the core. In my lifetime, I will never be able to thank each of you enough for these acts, and will miss the town, this area, and its people, every single day.

Chadron State will always be very special to me as I continue my career at another institution. I am forever in debt to those student-athletes who I had the honor of coaching, and being a part of their lives for a short time. They taught me more than I ever came close to teaching them about life’s ups and downs.

The faculty, coaches, professional staff, and physical plant employees at Chadron State are what make this place so hard to say goodbye to. You people have a genuine care for all the sons and daughters who attend this institution and that’s what counts.

On behalf of my entire family, thank you again for the love and support you have extended through the good times and the bad. My Dad always told me there was something special about Chadron and its people, and he couldn’t have been more right.


Bill O’Boyle,

 of  Chadron


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