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Letter: Roseanne Keepers-Penor on O’Boyle

Dear Editor:

Thanks for your continued excellent coverage of the ongoing O’Boyle situation.

Coach O’Boyle has moved on and I’m happy for him. However, the injustices done to him cannot be ignored and those responsible must be held accountable…

Seriously, is this the way CSC conducts itself routinely? It smacks of harassment to me. And as for cooperation with the state auditor. The chancellor claims they must maintain their autonomy. I worked for CSC for ten years and never in that time was I told NOT to cooperate with the auditors.

In fact, just the opposite, we were encouraged to answer any questions honestly and if we didn’t know, say so. That was when the employees had nothing to hide I guess. Because authority over the NSCS is vested in the Nebraska legislature, changes must be made by it.

To that end, I have a petition encouraging the Unicameral to look into the O’Boyle debacle. It is my belief that changes must be made, the most important of which is that the board of trustees must be elected not appointed so that there is a due process available to the people in the event of perceived mismanagement. Right now, we can’t initiate a recall because they are appointed. The only way a trustee can be removed is by majority vote of the entire board. I don’t think anyone believes that the current board will do that. Further, removal of a college president or the chancellor requires a positive vote of 4 members of the board. Again, this isn’t going to happen… not with this board.

I think the legislature must also hold a hearing to gather the true facts of this mess.  The chancellor’s claims of autonomy are much like smoke and mirrors.  In the end, the NSCS is a state agency which gets its funds from the PUBLIC.  It cannot continue to act as if the rules don’t apply to it.

The petition is at Feik’s. I hope that students and/or employees who are concerned by the actions of the NSCS and CSC administration will stop in and sign it or contact me.

Thanks again for your excellent work.

Roseanne Keepers-Penor
of Chadron

Editor’s Note:The Eagle has recieved some letters-to-the-editor without contact information. It is our policy to only publish letters that include a name and phone number for verification purposes.


One Response to Letter: Roseanne Keepers-Penor on O’Boyle

  1. Lot’s of reasons to sign the petition. One of the biggest for me is the HUGE waste of state money to investigate a situation that the state auditor was already going to look at.They knew he was coming to town when they hired BKD,the public relations firm, and the atty. to represent the nscs.Why all the expense when it was 1 coach they were accusing of wrong doing ?

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