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No Senate this week

Student Senate will reconvene 5 p.m. Monday, April 16.


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Senate approves 2 petitions, denies 1

Feb. 25, 2015

Student Senate voted in two new senators in a special meeting Wednesday called by Student Senate President Dillon Spies on Tuesday.

UCLA speaker to present at CSC

Feb. 19, 2015

Laure Sinn confirmed that the speaker Jackson Katz from UCLA, will come to Chadron State to give a presentation on Title IX March 17.

Senate approves 3 student trustee applications

Feb. 11, 2015

Senate approved three student applications for the student trustee position. The names of the students will not be released yet.

Two more senators resign; 1 cites poor leadership by execs.

Feb. 5, 2015

Senator of Liberal Arts Courtney Bustillos and Senator At Large Lindsey Schanaman handed in resignations this week.

Senator resigns due to conflict in conduct

Jan. 29, 2015

Senators discussed at length the newly appointed court justices. Coy Clark was voted and sworn in as the new chief justice. To fill the constitutional court justice openings, President Dillon Spies met with professors and advisers to scout out potential candidates, he said.