CAB preps for end-of-year

CAB’s new executive board was sworn in at the last meeting of the school year on Tuesday.

Luke Wright swore in the new members as his last act as CAB president. The new members of the executive board are Dani Buckley and Lane Swedberg, CAB President and Vice President; Kellie Aye, treasurer; Karly Watson, secretary; Cecilia Sheridan, Public Relations; Darren Burrows, Student Events; Erika Misner, Special and Cultural Events; and Morgan Nelson, Student Trustee.

Buckley said that they were looking for homecoming themes for next year. Hannah Clark, representative for Sigma Tau Delta, suggested the theme “The next 100 years,” with futuristic themes. Buckley said that Senate brought forward the theme “A New Era: Defining Our Own Time.”

Aye said that there is $798 in unallocated funds. She asked that the remaining money be allocated for massage therapists to come to the school during finals week. The masseuses will be in the Student Center Tuesday through Thursday of finals week.

Aye also asked for an allocation of $6,000 from next year’s funds for Week of Welcome. Swedeburg said there would be a dance with prizes and other different activities, and that any money not used will go back into the CAB fund. CAB voted to allocate no more than $6,000.

Shellie Johns, CAB adviser, said that not everyone had seemed excited about the results of the Galaxy Series vote. She said that Billy Gillman had won CAB’s vote, but she would like a re-vote. It was unanimously voted to bring in Keith Anderson instead.


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