Accidental music finds can prove to be the best

The best music is the kind you find by accident.

This past Christmas, when I received my new iPod, I went straight on iTunes to get new music and saw the free Single of the Week. I was drawn in by the colorful album cover, and decided to download the song without even listening to it. Later on, when it came on my iPod, I discovered one of my new favorite bands: Of Monsters and Men.

Of Monsters and Men is a folk/indie pop band from Reykjavík, Iceland. The band has six members including their duet singers Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar  Þórhallsson. Hilmarsdóttir has a haunting voice well complimented by Þórhallsson’s.

“Of Monsters and Men” album artwork

Album artwork © 2012 Universal Music Group

The first song I heard by this group, “Little Talks,” is a toe tapping number. Not only are the words uplifting and romantic, trumpet solos and random shouts of “Hey!” spice up the song and make it impossible not to listen to over and over.

Their first album “My Head is an Animal” has beautiful melodies good for chilling out to. “King and Lionheart” has varying tempos and dynamics. “Sloom,” another upbeat song, has beautiful harmonies set to a steady guitar rhythm.

For people looking for something more calming, the song “Slow and Steady,” comes in softly with chilling chords. Hilmarsdóttir comes with her haunting voice to sing “The lights go out lying all alone/ all the trees outside are buried in the snow/ I spend my nights dancing with my shadow/ and it holds me and it never lets me go.” The lyrics seem both sad and hopeful. The song talks about moving past the monsters in one’s past.

This band also attracts me, because there is always a little bit of an Icelandic accent in the singers’ voices. The lilt in Hilmarsdóttir and Þórhallsson’s voices makes the music even more unique.

Unfortunately, Of Monsters and Men’s music can be hard to find. Although fantastic, trying to find indie music from Iceland can prove complicated. However, Spotify, a newer music application, is helpful.

I was overjoyed to find such a unique and wonderful band entirely by accident. It is my sincere hope that others take opportunities to stumble upon a hidden gem like Of Monsters and Men.


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