Voting for dorm senators is a must

There’s a good chance that on-campus students discovered a small brochure promoting Student Senate’s upcoming residence hall elections that was slipped under their doors this past week. Dorm representation is a new change, as formerly, Student Senate elections only drew new members from the academic schools.

Student Senate, like the Campus Activities Board, is an opportunity for students to have a say in the organization and policies of student life here at CSC.

Previously, Student Senate was comprised of up to eight senators from each of the three academic schools, plus an additional eight representatives elected at-large to serve the student body.

Due to recent constitutional amendments that the student body approved, the body will now open its membership to representatives from each of the residences halls on campus.

According to the pamphlet, this week’s floor meetings began the process by allowing residents to nominate themselves or a colleague on their floor.

The next step in the process is for students residing in the dorms to choose their representative among all of the nominees (for some dorms there will be many choices, such as 10 for High Rise, and for others a smaller pool of candidates, such as three for Brooks Hall).

The brochure encourages students to attend next week’s Student Senate meeting next Monday. Elections are scheduled to take place next Wednesday and Thursday (Aug. 29-30).

On the election days, students of the dorms are encouraged to visit their front desk to cast a ballot for the individual they believe will best represent them.

The opportunity for increased involvement and representation is a positive one, and all students, either as nominees or voters, should take part in this important event in student life. This is a good chance for students to take part in such an expansion of representation, and more voices in the Student Senate doesn’t come every day. It very well could change the way that student life is governed and engaged. Students should not let this opportunity slip away.

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