Don’t wear out your welcome

Two men walk past the visitor sign-in sheet in Edna Work Hall Tuesday afternoon. — Photo by TJ Thomson

Two men walk past the visitor sign-in sheet in Edna Work Hall Tuesday afternoon. — Photo by TJ Thomson

College is not cheap, that is a well-known fact. So when I hear of circumstances where visitors are practically using their significant other’s dorm rooms as a free hotel room, I get a little upset.

I am all for family members, friends or your significant other coming to see you and visit, what I am not thrilled about is when they stay longer than protocol allows.

I pay a good amount for my dorm room; therefore visitors should not take advantage of my room as a free place to stay. I am not claiming this occurs all the time, but it does happen.

Not only are visitors residing in a dorm room for a long period of time against the rules, but it is not fair to roommates, suitemates or surrounding rooms.

Excessive noise can disturb people around you and is rude. Say your boyfriend or girlfriend is coming to visit, hopefully you would give your roommate or suitemate a heads-up. They would be able to plan accordingly and go study in the library or any other quiet place on campus.

However, it becomes rather annoying to study somewhere else on campus besides your room because it has been taken over by your roommate and their significant other for days on end.

I have been in a situation along these lines before and can relate when I hear of visitors staying too long and becoming a nuisance.

Resident Directors and Resident Advisors do a very good job of keeping on top of people visiting and making sure they sign in and out.

Unfortunately, they are unable to catch everything, or else I would not be sharing my complaints. Most visitors sign in and follow the rules; however, we all know there are people out there who do not.

Signing the day log or filling out an overnight sheet is not difficult, it’s quick, and it allows R.D.’s to know how many people are in the building along with how long they are staying.

A problem arises when these visitors come in, do not sign any form of log in, and stay as long as they please.

There are other alternatives for visitors such as hotel rooms or staying off campus with other friends or family members if possible.

If I have to pay to live on campus, then visitors can either learn the rules, or pay to stay somewhere else.

Honestly, if there was a policy where visitors staying for long periods of time had to pay, I would be more open to the idea. But to my knowledge that does not exist, therefore, respect other people or go find a hotel room.

I understand family members coming to visit, long lost friends you haven’t see for a while and even your significant other for a romantic weekend.

But staying for weeks or a month at a time is not fair to any student. As a student you pay to live here and get an education, not for a free room for someone to crash in.

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