Dining Services dishes up new meal plans

To overcome issues it detected with the current meal plan system, Chadron State College’s Creative Dining Service is adding new options that affordably meet the needs of the students for next school year, a member of the management team said.

During this past year, students have been complaining about the current meal plan system because of its inflexibility, Senior Director of Dining Operations Tracy Shuck said. For example, under the current system, students can only use one meal during each meal period. Meals not used during a period are lost and cannot be redeemed.

As a result of students’ feedback, Shuck proposed changes to the meal plan for approval from the Nebraska State College System’s Board of Trustees.

“The new proposed change came basically after years of research and watching how the students eat, what mean plans they use and what meal plans are not used,” Shuck said. “I took those proposed changes to the school,” Shuck said.

With the new meal plans, students do not have to worry about their meals when they are busy with classes or appointments because their meals are secured and can be used whenever they want.

“One of the things that students wanted is that being able to use their meal plan when they want; they don’t want to be confined to that one meal for a meal period, so by putting in larger meal plan with more flexibility, the students can get what they wanted,” Shuck said.

The 14-meal plan, the most popular among students has not changed; it will be kept as is, but the 9-meal plan and the 19-meal plan are being phased out due to lack of use, Shuck said.

The meal plans that Shuck proposed to the board are a 150-meal block plan for $1,280 per semester and a 280-meal block plan for $1,475 per semester. Both plans include $200 in discretionary Bonus Bucks.

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