A comedy for this generation that kicks butt

Today, trying to find a good comedy can be difficult. Every year, comedic movies come out, but they are often crass, or simply dumb humor. It’s nearly impossible to find a comedy that is not only for entertainment, but also a piece of fine art.

However, the 2010 movie “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” is more than a funny romance movie. It is a true masterpiece.

The movie revolves around Scott Pilgrim, a twenty-two year-old bass guitarist who falls for pink haired punk Ramona Flowers. Ramona’s heart doesn’t come for free though; Scott has to defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes before he can win hear heart.

Three years and four hundred re-watches after the movie first came out, I decided to check out the comic books. Reading these fantastically hilarious graphic novels is much like watching the movie. Now, I’m one of those people who is very critical about books turned into movies, so you can believe me when I say that the movie is exactly like the books.

This is one of the charms of “Scott Pilgrim.” Although it is a live-action movie, watching it is much like flipping through a comic book. There are sound bubbles even though we can physically hear the sounds, and headings that come with new scenes. “Ramona come closer” hovers on a blank screen, and when we hear a strangled cry of “NOOOOO!” the word hovers above Scott’s head.

This comic book approach does a lot for the story visually. The audience is expected to go beyond what they are seeing and hearing. This add more aesthetically to the movie. Taking a comic book and making it come alive is a very artistic approach to telling a story. It draws in the audience.

Another lure of “Scott Pilgrim” is the fast-paced humor. Many little quips are unexpected and yet hilarious. The characters, especially Ramona, Julie, and Kim, all have a very dry sense of humor. “That poster needs more exclamation points,” Kim says as Scott’s group of friends stare at a poster literally covered in exclamation points. Then there’s the moment when Scott’s roommate opens the door to find Knives, Scott’s ex-girlfriends. “You know what, he just left,” his roommate says, as Scott jumps through the window behind him. There are many moments of dry, witty humor. Add on the fast paced dialogue, and Michael Cera’s wide eyed, slightly confused acting style, and you get a non-stop laugh-fest.

The movie also goes into how easily we accept alternate realities. For example, watch a Marvel movie sometime and really contemplate what the world would be like if Tony Stark or Charles Xavier were real. When we watch movies, we immerse ourselves in a world that is impossible, but only because the creator of the movie makes it so possible. That is how Scott Pilgrim is. Characters get mystical powers and no one in the movie blinks an eye at the idea. Todd’s super strong because he’s a vegan? Totally within the realm of possibilities in the universe that Scott Pilgrim creates. Enemies explode into coins? Nothing unusual.

The movie and books both create a fantastic world. I would venture to boldly proclaim that the movie is a masterpiece, something that our generation will be remembered for.

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