Take life as a trial

Life is trying sometimes.

That sentence contains so much information and seems to convey a simpler thought: to live is to try.

“Try” is the root of the word trial, and with that we can see that life is also a trial.

The problem with today is that crime dramas and news reports of high-profile court cases leaves us flinching when we hear the word trial.

We start to think that life consists of constantly being put on the stand, or as if we are being constantly judged by our success, but life is a different type of trial entirely.

Life is more like the free 90 day in-home trial of an electric adjustable futon.  Life is a dry run, an infinite series of failures and do-overs.  Life is the dress-rehearsal before the opening night. Lastly, life is never permanent.

The cowboy is a character that is constantly romanticized, but rarely emulated.  The quality that makes the cowboy stick out in our society isn’t his rugged individualism; that narrative has been captured, commodified, and used to sell cigarettes.

The definitive quality you ought to admire about a cowboy is the amount of “try” he has.

Trying is the key to a cowboy’s life.  No one judges a cowboy by what he knows, because he doesn’t always know what he’s doing.  But no good cowboy claims to know everything.  He’s content with the fact that he learns more with each try.

A cowboy won’t be able to predict what will happen from day to day.  He will try to plan ahead, but he knows that plans always change by the hour.

It’s frustrating, but there’s really no alternative but to keep trying.  He could stomp, spit and throw his hat, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still has work to do.

And as a student you can take a lot from a cowboy’s attitude. You might think that what you learn here will be the end all, but it’s just one of many trials in your life.

So even if life can be trying, you just have to try life back. There’s little value of being frustrated with a problem, and more to be gained from trying to fix it.

All you can really do is try.

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