Keep your filthy paws to yourself

KaytHeadshotThe school year is starting to come together and classes are on a roll. There are many events and opportunities out there for everybody, if one only takes the initiative to look. For some people, CSC has become a home-away-from-home, or even a permanent home, but for some it is a little uncomfortable.

People are avoiding dorm hallways at certain times of the day, they are avoiding eating at specific times, and sometimes going so far as to avoid going to an event based on who could be there. The fact that sexual harassment on campus is bad enough that it needs to be addressed at floor meetings as well as put in the newspaper, is disturbing.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking to yourselves, “This doesn’t apply to me,” but not so fast. You may also be thinking that since I am obviously female, I am targeting male students, but alas I am not.

Nobody should ever have to avoid walking down the hallway or have to complain anonymously on some Facebook page. Now, the legitimacy of these Facebook claims is questionable, but the fact that these acts were committed or somebody would lie about it is mind-boggling.

According to the locally infamous CSC Confessions page on Facebook, there have been noteworthy cases. One in particular comes from a girl.

“CSC Confession #1154: I like to spy on the other girls when they shower. Then I go back to my room and use those images to play with myself.”

Some people would say the page is “all in good fun” but that is not what this is at all. This is perverted. I’m thankful that I do not live in a building where not only would I feel uncomfortable for myself while I’m trying to shower, but for everybody else around me. People should not have to worry about things like that, especially at a school.

Another post that could be from a man or woman says, “CSC Confession #1105: If guys could quit slapping my a** when I walk to and from classes, that would be great.”

Who does this? The majority of people I have ever talked to on campus are here for class and educational opportunities, not to get some action. I know that if I got a slap on my rear end while I was going to class, I would make a scene. A huge scene.

Now, from my own personal experience, Chadron is my home. These buildings are home to me, and being uncomfortable in my own home is not going to fly.

After experiencing first-hand the kind of ridiculousness that ensues from merely walking down a dorm hallway while doors are open, I avoid those hallways. I have even had to file a complaint.

There are the people that have a problem with sexual harassment then there are also people that think it is funny. There are people that have said “get over it” and “quit taking things so seriously.”

What these people do not see is the definitive line between a little joke, a little flirt, an exchange of numbers, and flat-out objectifying somebody.

Frankly, sexual harassment in any form is not okay. Anything somebody does intentionally to make somebody else uncomfortable is not okay. Anything somebody does that is sexual when one of the parties is not interested is not okay.

This is college. Everybody learned in Kindergarten to keep their hands to themselves, respect other people’s boundaries, and also learned what is and is not appropriate to say or do to somebody else.

If you are being harassed, seriously people, do not be afraid to tell somebody with some sort of power that could help you out.

Tell your RA, tell your RD, tell a professor, tell campus security, just tell someone. Don’t post it anonymously over some idiot’s idea of fun.

And always remember, there are ways to get a date without being vulgar.

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