Believe in the power of positivity

A principle that may or may not bear its roots in reality is the principle you should believe in the most: that every individual is unconditionally loveable and therefore always worth being positive to, and that you are unconditionally loveable and always worth being positive to.

You should believe in this principle because, above all others, this is the one worth believing in. Positivity reveals to you your true life design and the possibilities that are endless when you and it intertwine.


The ways you can be positive to someone are innumerable.  Give another person a brown knitted sweater (it will make them feel like a warm fuzzy bear!)  If the booklet for band camp says “fans allowed,” go cheer the band on!  If you come across turtles that are not snapping turtles, snap for them!

Also, because everyone’s value is unconditional, you will always be positive to everyone no matter the wrongs they commit.  If someone borrows your crayons and gives them to Sally instead of returning them back to you, tell that person everything is okay because you still have your sidewalk chalk.


And be positive to yourself!  As the scorekeeper of your failures, it is hard to be positive because you cannot see past your past.

The insecurity that therefore develops makes you afraid to open your eyes and see that you have so much going for you: aspirations for a college degree, a place to call home, people who care about you, and more.

If you start believe in positively though, you will not only open your eyes but also your heart, and begin to love beyond what unconditionally loves you.

Then you will see that to everyone who believes in you, you are the world’s greatest treasure.  And you will see other things you never knew existed: silver linings in the worst of situations, challenges that are exciting rather than daunting, stop signs, and other things.  Have some faith and you will see that positivity will heal you heart.

You can start adding more positivity to your life by surrounding yourself with positive things.  Instead of coming out of a grocery store with onions and sauerkraut, come out with cookies and cakes.

Bring a rainbow of pens with you to your classes so you can take amazing notes that will lead to a pot of gold during exams.

Next, change your actions.  If waiting for Christmas is making you sick, celebrate it now!  Ho, ho, ho!  If you want to sing in the laundromat but are afraid of people judging you, tell yourself, “I will sing because my life is now a music video!”  Write yourself a letter, like this:

“Dear me, you are such a macho hunk.  Your guns are totes so big; keep your knees flexin’ and those bad boys t-rexin’.  Love, me.”

Finally, your personality will naturally follow suit. If you score a ‘C’ on an exam in a class you do not have an aptitude for, you will wear it like a badge of honor as you know you went above and beyond to achieve it.


There will be people who won’t appreciate your positivity, and upon your efforts to make them feel positive, they may say things like, “Fat chance you loser, let’s get your beating show on the road, got it?”

But few acts of negativity can pull you away from true positivity.  Simply duck your head into your happy meal toys when they swing.  And alas, with time you can win them over!

One for-sure way to win anyone over is to take them out to eat.  French fries usually do it for me, but I am pretty hard to please.  Specifics aside, be persistent in letting them know your love for them is unconditional.

So this principle may not guarantee you invincibility from feeling stuck in reverse at times, and there will be nights when the colors of your eyes crystallize behind pain-inflicted tears, but in general it will bring you and everyone around you happiness.

When you do feel the world is crashing all around your feet, run head long back into positivity.  It will never judge you.  It can only think of you positively.

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