Fall is TV Season: What not to miss

American Horror Story: Coven

AHS’s third season has been gathering hype since the middle of September with ambiguous 19 second advertisements. So does it live up to the hype that’s been created?

“Coven” hit the nail on the head with its premiere. The season is set up already with excellent characters, a kick-butt cast, led by Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates, and plenty of creepy bits.

The Walking Dead

AMC’s popular series has come back in full force for its fourth season. The writers have said that this season, they plan to try and make the zombies scary again. And so far, they haven’t dissappointed.

This season is bringing non-stop action and suspense. With a killer flu-bug running around, the rest of the season promises plenty of heart-stopping moments. Pray for your favorite character, boys and girls, because no one is safe.

Agents of SHIELD

Joss Whedon makes his return to TV with a spin-off of the box-office hit “The Avengers.” The series brings back the previously thought-to-be-dead Phil Coulson and several other agents of the secret government agency SHIELD, part of the Marvel Universe.

The series has a lot of promising qualities, from some excellent sexual tension, to a no nonsense female pilot, to a Tweedle-dee-dum-like comedic relief duo. And of course, who can resist something done by Whedon? Fingers crossed that it doesn’t get canceled half-way through the season.

How I Met Your Mother

We’re actually meeting the mother this season. Need I say more?

The Big Bang Theory

Even in its seventh season, “The Big Bang Theory” brings laughs with its gang of too-smart nerds.

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