Winter drivers beware

Winter is almost upon us.

Just in case you don’t know what winter is, it’s the time of year where giant metal boxes slide around on pretty white stuff.

It is astounding to see how many people in Chadron, young and old, do not know how to drive in snow.

I do not mean being afraid to drive in snow, I am talking about the people who normally tailgate somebody when its 100 degrees out; they only get closer when there is snow on the ground. They are the same people who don’t apply the brakes till they are 10 feet from the stop sign. News flash: slamming on your breaks when it is snowing is a surefire way to go faster, not slower.

Almost everyone with a car in Chadron has experienced snow at one time or another, but in case you have not, here is a simple rule you can follow during winter.

Stop driving like a maniac. Do the people who know how to drive in snow a favor and stop tailgating them. I don’t care if you are from California, Nebraska, or even Colorado; just stay inside this winter if you are not going to slow down.

Finally to everybody on campus: If you do not drive under five miles an hour in the parking lots when there is snow on the ground please hand over your car keys now.

The same goes for if you are a person that flies around a blind corner without checking first. I cannot count a number high enough for how many times somebody has almost hit me in a parking lot because they flew around a corner. My plea to you carefree frozen street skaters, this winter: just stay inside.

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