Senate to host seminar, CAB allocates for ‘The Voice’

Student Senate is starting the spring semester of 2014 with $98,814 in unallocated funds.

To kick off the new semester, an allocation for $100 was made for refreshments for sessions where the executive board will be sharing the knowledge gathered from the conference attended in New Orleans in November. There will be four sessions available to students all on Jan. 22 at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 4 p.m., and 5 p.m. The location of these sessions is to be determined and senators are required to attend at least one of the sessions.

Jacob Rissler, senate president, notified representatives of changes being made to the CAB constitution and Senate constitution, removing requirements that large events must go through CAB and have club affiliation. For example, he used “The Big Event” and the concerns of planners that having one club affiliations will not promote a campus-wide involvement. He also reminded senators of the Activity Fee Board committee and that select senators will be serving on this committee along from three representatives from CAB.

Deena Kennell, career and academic planning services director, has taken the adviser spot previously filled by Aaron Prestwich for senate and CAB.

CAB is starting off the semester with $8,652 in unallocated funds.

Representatives voted to allocate $1,800 for free movie night this Sunday, and $1,500 for expenses for The Voice competition.

The winner of The Voice competition will be sent to Nashville, Tenn. to audition for the actual show in February.

The new attendance policy is underway with the three mandatory meeting dates being announced; February 11, March 4, and the April date is to be determined.

CAB Chair Lane Swedberg said that the attendance policy was not meant to discourage clubs representatives from going to the meetings, and said “it makes no sense for your club to get punished for missing a CAB meeting.”

Josh Keating, senator of liberal arts, presented an idea to both senate and CAB for a dance marathon with a date projected for the next fall semester.

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