What is maturity?

It seems maturity has two modern concepts: one, the level of composure one carries themselves with; two, what an individual’s interests are.

In regards to CSC, exhibits of no composure occur too often. First, during the halls’ quiet hours, pterodactyl screams can be heard as the creatures race through the hallways outside of residents’ dorms and fire off dart guns. They’re students, not pterodactyls, but more than one person has made this connection. We know the usage of curses and the level of cleanliness of college students, so that discussion will be foregone.

It seems many students do not pass the maturity test for the first concept.  So what about the second?

In a wholly illogical turn of events, male society has become unintelligible.  Watch a commercial made for the male demographic. Keystone, John West, Dr. Pepper TEN: Mountain Man. These commercials capture what America’s male culture defines to be mature. If your interests are aligned with this concept, you might carry a man card to prove you are a man.  Note: you are not a man if you have to carry a man card to prove it. (Don’t think of me as a hater against a society that emphasizes supposed-masculinity.    Eating tree bark and subsequently de-humanizing women as a piece of meat is not masculine in the least.)

We have reached a conflict between the two concepts of maturity. People who are extremely respectable to everyone (therefore passing the first concept), yet have supposedly-childish interests (therefore failing the second concept), are largely denied of the title of maturity.  It works vice versa as well.

Can we please stop this?  It places pressure on individuals to conform into something they are not, it takes emphasis off of composure, and it warps our society’s view on who is acceptable and who is not (even though no one should be wholly unacceptable in a society in the first place). For the most part, it is a good society.  However, it does have some major flaws.

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