Student changes his tune

If you asmusic borderked me at the end of last semester to write a list of things I enjoy doing, you’d be pressed to find singing among them. However, that’s certainly changed after a semester of MUS 103, Concert Choir, directed by Joel Schreuder.

Prior to joining the Concert Choir, my last choir experience was more than a decade ago at Sioux County High School. A student teacher from CSC would drive to Harrison twice a week to give us a 40 minute lesson.  Since I was forced to participate, I hated singing with a passion and had swore it off for good.

But this year I chose to keep an open mind and positive attitude, which certainly paid off.  My skills were a bit rusty, so I started being almost musically illiterate, but Schreuder, as well as my section leader, Scott Reffert, Senior of Omaha, were excellent assets to turn too. I can say with confidence that I’m now “functionally illiterate.”

The choir program consisted of pieces from the 16th century onward, and I was exposed to styles of music that I had never heard before, and more-than-likely would have never searched for on my own. Learning the correct Latin and German pronunciations was also extremely challenging, but Schreuder was incredibly patient with the whole choir and by the time our spring concert rolled around we had it nailed down.

Surprisingly, being in choir wasn’t always as straight-laced and serious as I had expected. There were plenty of moments where the whole choir would joke and break down laughing, which often made that class the highlight of my day.

Another aspect that I hadn’t realized before-hand was how therapeutic choir can be. When you sing, you focus on your breathing, and you can enter into an almost meditative trance-like state. There would be times that I would walk into the choir room in M-Hall stressed out, and by the end of the class I would be completely relaxed.

So if you’re looking for a fun and interesting way to fulfill a fine arts requirement, or even just searching for a creative outlet, I would wholeheartedly recommend joining CSC’s Concert Choir.


2 Responses to Student changes his tune

  1. Actually, Spike, I wanted to applaud you for your review on Pentatonix. I TOTALLY agree with you, and wish more people would come out of the shadows of overbearing, robotic-sounding music and stand tall for good music. The guy who sings bass comes from the town where I live, and could care less about that. I can also see why you turned off the comments; I’m sure all the PTX fans went ape-$hit over your review. I say, BRAVO!

    • Spike Jordan


      Thank you for your response. I haven’t turned away from my stance on Pentatonix, but for the most part the PTX fans saved their complaints for Facebook after I we published the article last December. I have a bit more respect for what it takes to put together an a capella group and arrange the covers, but I’ll stick by what I wrote.

      As for the comments section on the original article, they usually close automatically about 2-3 weeks after we publish. This is so that the web editor doesn’t have to keep track of irrelevant comments on old news stories.

      As far as I know, the editorial board of The Eagle rarely exercises censorship over the comments section.

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