Games take an educational turn at College Do’s and Don’ts

Are there things you wish someone would have told you before you went to college? College Do’s and Don’ts had new information for students curious about the college life.

The RLA put on the event College Do’s and Don’ts Friday. Students had the opportunity to win prizes such as a crockpot or a laundry basket.

Students played a game of Jeopardy to win prizes. Categories included Personal Hygiene, Dorm Diet, Time Management, Study Tips and Laundry. Did you know that you’re supposed to study right before bed so you retain information? How about separating laundry into two categories like colors and fabrics? What about the serving size of food?

After the game was over, students were provided homemade enchiladas and homemade laundry soap to do laundry. Then students were asked more questions to win prizes.

Shea Lindsey, 20, junior of Gordon, won the crockpot in a drawing.

Lindsey learned some new things at the event.

“I thought it was a fun game to play,” she said. “I learned some tips about studying that I didn’t know before.”

Lindsey said the best part of the event was the prizes.

“I won the crockpot, so that was awesome,” Lindsey said.

Devon Vaverek, 21, junior of Imperial, didn’t learn anything new at the event, but had a good time.

“I had fun and the game was cool,” she said. “Winning prizes was fun too,”

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