Annual Haunted House gathers students, actors, volunteers

Thursday night seemed more exciting than usual with students in Halloween costumes coming to the Student Center to attend the Haunted House and Halloween Dance.

The Pit hosted the annual event, attracting about 450 students to join the fun.

“I feel that the event went really well,” Christopher Green, student affairs coordinator, said. “The Haunted House seemed to be perceived well and the students enjoyed the dance.”

Elysha Stahla, 20, junior of Moorcroft, Wyoming, awaits Thursday as people walk by during the Late Night Halloween Haunted House. —Photo by Teri Robinson

Elysha Stahla, 20, junior of Moorcroft, Wyoming, awaits Thursday as people walk by during the Late Night Halloween Haunted House. —Photo by Teri Robinson

The fun started with a ghost in a lab coat sitting in front of the Haunted House, ready to entertain students with spider and scorpion specimens on the table. The ghost appeared to be Mathew Brust, physical and life sciences associate professor, with the specimens made by himself.

“I thought spider would be a dangerous topic for Halloween,” he said, after excitedly explaining about different types of spiders.

 He provided useful information and kept students from getting bored while waiting to get in the Haunted House.

The Haunted House’s theme this year was Fear Fest. The house was divided into four sections: jungle, zombie, dolls, and the mental asylum. RLA, CAB, and the International Club helped The Pit host the event. Theatre students helped apply makeup.

The event gathered many students to act in the Haunted House, making it more thrilling. Students changed into zombies, mummies, animals, witches, doctors, and patients, making the scenes lively as they kept moving around, laughing, talking, and interacting with visitors.

If there was an award for the most patient ghost, it would have been given to the student lying on the floor. Many students did not know whether it was a prop or a person, so they tried to kick and see if there was a reaction. The student endured and acted like a prop, then surprised people when they tried to walk by him.

“I stepped on the guy,” Cheyenne Cook,  18, freshman of Ainsworth, admitted.

The Haunted House was breathtaking and full of surprises. A mummy popped up from the left, a witch suddenly started laughing, a zombie appeared in front or a hand came out from behind, and many more. The Pit gave a lot of effort in building the Haunted House, and with the help of many students acting, the Haunted House was an exciting and enjoyable experience for the participants.

“It was pretty creepy. I got my ankle grabbed,” Teesha Prichard, junior of Eaton, said while catching her breath after getting out of the Haunted House.

When the thrill of terror from the Haunted House was gone, students blended into the beat in the Halloween Dance.

James De la Cerna, 23, senior of San Diego, was the DJ for the dance. He played a variety of music, including hip-hop, pop, old-school, etc. At first, the music was not loud enough to attract students, but some even went back after going to the Haunted House.

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