Garrett Lower on ‘Senate leadership lacks transparency’

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on Spike Jordan’s article ‘Senate leadership lacks transparency’ (The Eagle, Jan. 29).

I have been off student Senate for a Semester now and looking forward to graduation. I attended my first Senate meeting as a spectator Monday Night. I was shocked to see the lack of Student Senators. Only one side of the room was filled! How are voices being heard? Especially during the second semester when fund allocating for clubs and major events takes place. That’s an issue!

I would also like to comment on the issue of being transparent during the last meeting.

The process that the Chief Justice position was done the right way per our Constitution, but what was said to the public was something completely different per the feedback the senators had given on the topic. I believe that transparency to the public should be the number one priority in an organization. I believe that situation raised a red flag; that maybe we need to rethink what were doing and get the record straight.

I applaud all the student senators who stood up against the appointment. They represented there constituents well. Honesty and Integrity go along way with me. I would like to congratulate student senate for appointing a Constitutional Court.

I would have personally would of like to see someone in the Chief Justice position with some Senate Experience however.  Not trying offend the new justice I wish you well.

With that I would encourage students to get involved in there Student Government. I believe that there is great opportunity in the organization. It opened many doors for me and I enjoyed making a difference.

Remember the power rests in the hands of your Student Senators!

Garrett Lower

Senior of Alliance

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