Ashley Swanson on support for the CSC softball team

Dear Editor:

This past Saturday, CSC lost one of its own and there are no words to describe the pain seen on faces across campus, especially those of the softball team.

Though I was not acquainted with Fatima, it was heartbreaking to see how hurt her teammates and friends were during Saturday’s basketball games.

While this situation is difficult for everyone at CSC, and for everyone who knew Fatima, it was nice to see the wonderful support each person gave to the softball team, and to those around them. Before each game there was a moment of silence for Fatima; the men’s team ran onto the court wearing softball T-shirts; and after the women’s game many of the women gave hugs to the softball women sitting in the stands, or consoled them.

There are times when people at CSC don’t get along and disagree with other individual people or groups on-campus, but when something tragic like this happens, those same people come together and support each other in every way they can. Despite differences, CSC comes together as one family, leaving shoulders for others to lean or cry on; lending as many hugs as needed; being a listener; and/or just sitting with someone to let them know they’re not alone.

CSC has one of the best support systems I’ve ever witnessed, and with this system, even though it will be difficult, CSC will make it through this heartache one small step at a time.

Ashley Swanson

CSC Alumnus

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