Letter: Nate Cochran on The Eagle

Dear Editor:

In light of recent events, namely the ongoing battle between student politicians and The Eagle, as well as the recent front page debacle in the Rapid City Journal, I would like to thank all the current and former Eagle staff members who have played a roll in The Eagle’s journalistic integrity over the years.

I can’t imagine how hard you all work to bring us what you do every week – award winning photography, relevant news stories, some brilliant investigative journalism, and constant objective exposure of all the outrageous numbnuttery that happens at this fine institution.

Basically, you guys are the epitome of what I, and hopefully many others, think is proper journalism. As well as providing impressive coverage of campus affairs, many of you have graduated and taken your place as important figures in society. Two who reside at the top of my head because they reside closest to home are recently-elected Chadron city councilman Miles Bannan and Chadron Record sports editor Kevin Oleksy.

I’m quite hopeful this trend will continue, and that The Eagle will send many more brilliant minds out into the world to affect real, direly needed changes.

Nate Cochran
Former CSC Student

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