Why you need to attend ‘Extremities’

The benefit of theatre is that it allows us to explore subjects that can often be difficult to discuss in real life without consequences to the people involved.

Feb. 12 – 15, the Chadron State College theatre program will be performing “Extremities,” a play that unapologetically delves into rape culture to explore a number of facets and assumptions about rape and sexual assault that we tend to overlook without thinking.

The performance is a moving one, and is timely with the heightened sensitivity toward rape sexual assault on college campuses across the country; this is no longer a topic which can be ignored, and should be confronted.

Director Scott Cavin will be hosting talk-back sessions after Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s performances for audiences to discuss the play, ask questions of the actors, and explore the subject in greater detail.

An informed public is what we strive for, and “Extremities” is one of the most informing performances we’ve noticed in our collective tenures at CSC. It is the opinion of the Editorial Board that all students, faculty, and community members should see the performance in order to both start, and take part in the discussion.

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