Vaccinate your children please

The en vogue discussion on social media in recent months has been vaccines and vaccinations. Like most discussions, there are two camps: pro-vaccine (see: sane, reasonable people), and anti-vaccine, (see: absolute nut cases, lunatics). It’s easy to see where we side.

The pro-vaccine crowd has mountains of scientific research and evidence on their side; they have demonstrated that most of the diseases which killed children in our grandparent’s and great grandparent’s generations, are now almost eradicated.

Measels, mumps, and rubella (MMR), are no longer the massive threats to public health that they were in centuries past, thanks to the work of tireless immunization and education programs.

Polio no longer cripples huge swaths of the population; children are no longer cut down in their prime and forced to live out the rest of their lives in iron lungs.

Smallpox was completely eradicated, and now only exists as samples in labs in the United States and Russia.

But the anti-vaccine crowd has the belief that vaccines cause autism. They also have… Wait… No, that’s all they have.

We can side with beliefs or we can side with science. This one isn’t some great philosophical question; vaccines save lives and have been proven to work.

Please be a sane, rational, reasonable and responsibly parent; vaccinate your children.

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