Clubs funding still pending

Clubs were not allocated money Monday at the Senate meeting because there was miscommunication about how much money the Activity Fee Board was allowed to allocate to clubs.

Before Monday’s meeting, AFB’s Co-Chair Kelley McNabb said, they hoped they’d get money allocated for clubs this week.

Wednesday afternoon, McNabb said, Laure Sinn, adviser to the AFB, found out from a member of the administration what money they had to allocate to clubs. That number was what the board based their recommendations off of.

Sinn said, Student Financial Comptroller Kari Gaswick told Sinn that they had $160,000 for allocation. Sinn explained that the money comes from a revolving fund, so $160,000 is only a projection of what Student Senate is hoping to get.

Gaswick said she was “asked to estimate how much revenue CSC will collect next year for the Activity Fee account.”

McNabb said she found out the number they were given was incorrect at the Senate meeting.

A member of the AFB and current Senate President Katrina Hurley said, “At the executive board meeting (Monday prior to Senate), we found out that the proposed money number they had given us was possibly the entire amount Senate can allocate. There was miscommunication with some of our advisers on the amount that we will be getting. Normally, they give up one amount that we can allocate to clubs and one amount that we have for the rest of the year. The two numbers are in discussion,” Hurley said Wednesday afternoon.

Current Vice President of Senate Taylor Strong repeated that statement saying, “The total amount that AFB was suggested to allocate to clubs was not presented to Senate until Monday at the Student Senate Executive Board meeting, where the potential issue was address.”

Strong said, “The numbers were not incorrect. There was a misinterpretation at the fault of no one as to how much money there was for Senate as a whole, including CAB, all of the clubs, as well as the larger events on campus that Senate funds, including The Big Event and the Nearly Naked Mile.”

She said AFB suggested a much larger number for allocations compared to last year and that is the issue being looked at before approving allocations.

At Monday’s Senate meeting, new senators and executive board members were sworn in. Therefore, old senators will no longer have a chance to vote on the club’s budgets for next year.

Strong said because the new senators have already been sworn in there is “no way” that the old senators can vote because “it’s a done deal” after the new senators are sworn in.

Hurley and three Senate advisers plan to meet with Dale Grant, administration & finance vice president, Thursday to discuss the way this issue can be solved, Hurley said.

Strong said Grant told her, “There are sufficient funds in the Student Activity Fee account to give all of the suggested allocations to clubs and still leave Senate with plenty of funds for CAB and other larger events funded through Senate.”

The recommendations will still have to be approved by Senate and the administration.

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