Under the Big Top

The smells of cotton candy, popcorn and hotdogs filled the air surrounding the carnival tent outside of High Rise Tuesday night, as students lined up to play a variety of carnival games and win prizes.

Students had the chance to play classic carnival style games like Plinko, Milk Bottle Knockout, Darts, Bag Toss, and mini-golf. The carnival also offered a variety of foods and snow cones for students to enjoy as they meandered through the tent and to the games on the grass.

A new feature that was added to the festivities from previous years was a photo booth, at which students were allowed to use disguises and take ‘selfies’ with their friends using a ‘selfie’ stick.

The weather outside the tent was perfect for some pick-up games of basketball and sand volleyball as a warm breeze flowed through the areas beside the carnival tent. Many students chose to listen to the music and congregate on the grass with their friends.

“I had a great time hanging out with my friends and eating cotton candy,” Jayme Nunes, 22, senior of Alliance, said.

Groups of students stood chatting and some played games as RLA members announced the ticket winners of small, medium, and large prizes.

Lucky winners got to take home an assortment of prizes including the large prizes: a 32 inch television, a Bluetooth speaker, an automated coffee machine, and a vacuum.

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