RLA teaches freshmen life skills

On Monday, the Resident Life Association hosted an event called Organizing Your Life in the breezeway. The event was centered around how students should set up their belongings. It also provided some tips and hacks to help students become more organized.

The event started at 7 p.m. and lasted for 20 minutes. Eleven people stayed for the whole event, and there were 10 students who came and left during the event.

Mariah Nelson, resident director of Andrew Hall, was the speaker of the event. She talked about how students organize their school supplies with examples such as how to keep their backpack and notes organized.

She also stated that time management is critical, and students need to keep track of what they do everyday.  She showed the students some tricks to help keep their desks neat. For example, using a three-drawer unit to keep school supplies,  and a food bin to stack up your snacks. She also suggested some apps that students could use to help keep their homework organized and time managed.

At the end of the event, a raffle was held giving away prizes that related to the topics which were talked during the event. The prizes included totes, drawers, notebooks, calender, sticky notes and others. Students learned multiple skills from the event.

Chandler Nelson, freshman of Mitchell, who attended the event, said, “This event helped me a lot. I definitely learn from this. I need to clean my calender and put some of these tips to use”.

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